San Francisco and LA Editorial and Fashion Photographer


I love chicken wings. really I do. a lot.  

I am mommy to a delicious little boy named Hudson who is convinced has x~ ray vision. 

I live on 3 acres in petaluma amongst live oak trees. Our next door neighbors are goats, cows, llamas and wild turkeys. 

My favorite thing to do is spy. I wanted to be a spy as a kid so it seems pretty poignant that I became a photographer. Taking photographs is sorta akin to that because I get to sneak around a lot and take photos when people's guards are down and that equals good times. 

I like to daydream and fantasize about all types of cool things to make imagery of. I love costumes and props and craigslist...You can find really wild stuff on there and use them as props. ~~actually I might like craigslist a little too much.  

Dana Hargitay is a highly esteemed editorial and fashion photographer located in the San Francisco Bay Area but works domestically and internationally. Her work has taken her all over the world including Italy, Kenya, Paris, England, Morocco, Cuba, Mexico and many other destinations. In addition to her fashion and editorial photography background, her work includes Celebrity editorial work in which she encourages her subjects to play and have fun! Arresting and rip roaring images are produced when the shoot is filled with an all accepting synergy---Sort of a, "Let's get in the sandbox---and get messy kinda vibe!" That's where the magic happens! We welcome shoots far and wide so we look forward to hearing your ideas and conspiring with you to create images that take you to the places in your dreams! 

~~ok nuff about me.